Recipe: triple strength antihistamine tea

0 Comments 11 February 2013

antihistamine guava leaf tea

There’s something internally cooling about cup of tea on a hot day. But if a hot antihistamine beverage doesn’t appeal, just add a little ice and serve with a wedge of lemon. I enjoyed this antihistamine in a glass by the beach yesterday here in Kenya. My project has been extended, again, which is giving me some much needed time to continue exploring all the natural antihistamines this country has to offer. Yesterday’s discovery was the guava tree in the garden. No fruit this time of year, but, much to the amusement of my masai (warrior) companion, I began jabbering about needing to score some leaves. I barely heeded calls to watch out for snakes; stupidly, given that we had found a 6ft poisonous snake making its way to the living room just the day before, before denuding a quarter of the tree.

Why the excitement? Guava leaf inhibits histamine release from mast cells. In English: it’s an antihistamine! I choose to treat my histamine condition naturally, so I’m always on the lookout for anything to add to my natural antihistamine arsenal. I supplemented guava’s antihistamine and anti inflammatory properties by dunking a mast cell stabilising, gallic acid rich white tea bag a few times and topping everything off with a chunk of gastric acid killing ginger. As you may have heard, this natural H2 receptor antagonist  (ginger) is as effective as Zantac (Ranitidine), without causing any of the nasty side effects. I eat with my eyes. If that makes sense? So I put all this good stuff into this funky cafetière to serve it.

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Here’s what went into my tasty antihistamine beverage:

Beach House Antihistamine Tea

1/2 cup fresh guava leaves, chopped

1 white tea bag, quickly dunked

1 tbsp sized chunk of fresh ginger

1 squeeze of fresh lemon juice (omit if sensitive)


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