moon bloom natural perfume by Hiram Green


Hiram Green: nature’s perfume

0 Comments 23 November 2015

TweetI’m in heaven. Absolute heaven. Because for the first time since 2010, I have found a non-migraine inducing perfume so gorgeous that I can no longer bear to be parted from it. And it’s totally free of nasty ingredients of course. I spent my first night wearing it begging my man and friends to smell me! […]

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woman having acupuncture

Research & News

Acupuncture as effective as (some) antihistamines

0 Comments 21 November 2015

Tweet Acupuncture – a good choice for histamine intolerance and mast cell activation? A mounting body of research tells us that acupuncture may help alleviate symptoms of histamine intolerance, mast cell activation and related issues like eczema. I share my own experiences and thoughts towards the end of the post. A study published  in 2008 in the […]

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thanksgiving meal: turkey, jerusalem artichoke fritters, sweet potato mash, on a wood background surrounded with leaves


Thanksgiving 2015

0 Comments 14 November 2015

Tweet When people ask me if I feel deprived on my “diet” I just look at them like they’re nuts. Why would eliminating dairy, gluten, most nuts, all major allergens, processed foods, low nutrient histamine foods and oxalates bother me when nature has so much left to offer? Like my first tarte tatin! 40 years […]

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Confused by a negative histamine test result?

0 Comments 12 November 2015

Tweet A negative histamine result doesn’t rule out mast cell disorder or some kind of chronic inflammatory condition.  When I arrived to meet with my new doctor at the Virgen del Valle hospital in Toledo, Spain, I was a little surprised by the tests they ordered to diagnose me with mast cell activation. While very […]

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doctor holding medicine

Research & News

The Nocebo effect

0 Comments 06 November 2015

Tweet I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Stacey Colino for an article she wrote for US News and World Report on the placebo effect’s evil twin, the nocebo effect. So here’s the deal: the placebo effect, once seen by the medical industry as a negative, because people being given sugar pills instead of real […]

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low histamine zucchini cake gluten and egg free


Moist zucchini cake gluten and egg free (paleo)

0 Comments 31 October 2015

Tweet I fell asleep last night dreaming of a cake so moist that forks would slide through it like warm butter. Not sure why anyone was eating butter with forks in my fantasy but it seemed to make sense at the time. I often have intense sugar treat dreams when I’ve been exercising intensely or […]

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fish on baking parchment

Research & News

Histamine in fish safety margin not high enough says the WHO

0 Comments 28 October 2015

Tweet A joint report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the World Health Organisation Food Standards Programme Codex Committee on Fish and Fishery Products [1] really shocked me. They’re the people responsible for making sure that fish histamine levels remain below a certain threshold, one that prevents a really nasty kind […]

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doctor holding pills

Medical, Research & News

Misdiagnosis: antibiotics as anti-inflammatories

0 Comments 24 October 2015

Tweet For many the diagnosis of histamine intolerance or mast cell activation will come after decades of mis-diagnosis. Some of us will have been told it’s psychosomatic and prescribed antidepressants, benzodiazepines and sleeping pills, while others may have been told their severe gastrointestinal issues are caused by stomach bacteria, or chronic stuffed nose and frequent […]

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low histamine soup


Warming plant protein rich soup

0 Comments 19 October 2015

Tweet You’ll notice there’s some ingredients here that are on some lists as high histamine. I talk quite a bit about how abandoning the low histamine/histamine intolerance diet is what I believe is helping me heal. But that doesn’t mean I’ve thrown all caution to the wind and am permanently out to lunch at Taco […]

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alarm clock with woman exercising


A day in the life: my food and exercise schedule

0 Comments 17 October 2015

Tweet Wondering what exactly I do to heal myself? When I share exactly what I do with people they’re often taken aback by the actual intensity of my healing schedule. I’m not suggesting this is right for you, or even for me. It’s just what’s working for me. Please do not use this as a […]

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