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Parasites trigger mast cell histamine release

0 Comments 16 July 2016

Tweet Mast cells are a key player in the immune system response. They release histamine and other inflammatory agents into the bloodstream to fight viruses and bacteria, parasites, and promote wound healing. Pretty much any invader can cause this mast cell activation, or a perceived intrusion, by food and beauty products for example, when the immune […]

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Low FODMAPS antihistamine onion substitute kills parasites

0 Comments 09 July 2016

Tweet The Indian herb Asafoetida (Ferula Asafoetida) possesses anti-inflammatory and antihistamine activity, in addition to fighting viruses and intestinal parasites. For those unable to tolerate garlic and onion, or those eating a low FODMAPs diet, this member of the carrot family makes a pleasing substitute when added to cooking. References for every statement in this post are found […]

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Junk food triggers allergies and causes leaky gut

0 Comments 05 July 2016

Tweet Studies reveal modern food processing techniques and additives cause food to become more allergenic and create or contribute to intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) and generalised inflammation involving histamine, mast cells and more. In particular, the browning of foods (or caramelisation) can cause mast cell activation. Intestinal permeability/leaky gut is believed to cause allergies, weight […]

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Kitchen hacking: save time, money, sanity

0 Comments 26 June 2016

Tweet Bacteria cause histamine release in the body, so it makes sense to cook from scratch daily. Doesn’t it? Does eating fresh food devoid of leftover bacteria free up some of my histamine allowance for something more fun, like a raw cacao brownie? Hells ya. Read more about spending your histamine allowance here. But do […]

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Antihistamine properties of lotus

0 Comments 18 June 2016

Tweet More than just a beautiful adornment, Asia’s revered lotus flower offers up several compounds with antihistamine, mast cell stabilising and anti-inflammatory properties. Best of all, the lotus is highly edible, tasty and fairly easy to find frozen or as a tea. References and links to lotus suppliers at the end of the post. The lotus flower, Nelumbo […]

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Does negative brain conditioning fuel inflammation?

0 Comments 06 June 2016

TweetDid you know that the amygdala is responsible, through processing taste, for “learning taste aversion”. Put simply, it learns through trial and error that certain foods make us sick. Knowing that, it’s going to want to warn us before the food goes into the mouth (i.e. by reacting to a scent beforehand), which may be why […]

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Prickly pear stops histamine inflammation, stabilises mast cells

0 Comments 04 June 2016

Tweet Citations always at the bottom of post Researchers find that the prickly pear fruit, and the whole plant generally, prevent histamine release/allergic response by inhibiting mast cell degranulation (the process by which white blood cells leak histamine and other inflammation into the blood stream). Opuntia is a genus in the cactus family. When speaking of […]

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2 hour online workshop: Healing the Brain to Heal the Body

0 Comments 28 May 2016

Tweet Citations always at the bottom of the post.  A RECORDING OF THIS EVENT IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE.  2 hour live online workshop with Yasmina  11th June, 2016 at 10am San Francisco / 1pm New York / 7pm Paris With a recording of the workshop available to you after the event  2 hour live online workshop with Yasmina […]

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Mast cells, histamine, inflammation and obesity

0 Comments 21 May 2016

Tweet My “before” lifestyle changes picture  Citations always at bottom of post Mast cells are key players in immune system generated inflammation. You know, the stuff that heals you when you’re sick, but makes you sick if inflammation happens when you’re not. Mast cell activation (as it’s called) is also involved in allergic reactions of the lungs and […]

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Inflammation, histamine implicated in Alzheimer’s

0 Comments 14 May 2016

Tweet Citations for every blog talking point are always at the bottom of the post. As I reported in last week’s blog post Luteolin for mast cells, histamine and brain fog?, “ seems research is also pointing to neuro-inflammation as the driving force of Alzheimer’s.” And indeed this week it certainly is. While it’s still a theory, […]

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