Interview: my chat with Abel James of the Fat Burning Man

0 Comments 28 June 2015

I had the BEST time being interviewed by Abel James of the Fat Burning Man podcast and website. Abel was vegan, now paleo, but totally open to all kinds of healing approaches (he has interviewed Dr. Fuhrman for his podcast!). His listeners requested he interview me (how cool thanks everyone!). His podcast is number 1 […]

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Man Food

0 Comments 14 June 2015

Please note: this book, as all my others, comes in digital/ebook format only.  You can buy Man Food here. Hello boys! Here it is finally: man-sized recipes for histamine intolerance and mast cell activation. Geared towards guys, ladies with healthy appetites and anyone who loves to work out, yoga like they mean it, or just generally […]

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The Anti-Diet: Food as medicine

0 Comments 12 June 2015

In my experience, sticking to a standard low histamine diet, one that includes foods that are technically low histamine according to lists found on the internet that are still technically inflammatory (more on that in the video), while eliminating high nutrient foods found on the high histamine lists, may be beneficial for a very short time. […]

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Research & News

Can hypnosis prevent histamine reactions?

0 Comments 04 June 2015

UPDATED: My body healed long before my body accepted it. So I tried a popular brain retraining system to help it. It was too laborious, time consuming and worst of all, they told me that I would not recover, or if I did it would take me years longer, if I didn’t distance myself from […]

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Recipes, VIDEO

Video! Roasted Butternut Squash, Shallot and Saffron Soup

0 Comments 03 June 2015

Here it is! My first professionally shot video series. First up, a little something from my all liquid Anti-Detox book. There are times in life where we just need to kill the inflammation, be it histamine induced, or caused by any of the other inflammation spawning elements released from mast cells when the body is having […]

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Eating healthy in airports

0 Comments 24 May 2015

Travel used to be an absolute nightmare, but I persisted. I recently shared a list of my top healthy eating airport destinations in a post for the wonderful Beauty & Wellbeing. “It might seem like an impossible task, but the proliferation of healthy restaurants over the last few years finally appears to be spilling over […]

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Once upon a time, we all reacted to all foods

0 Comments 23 May 2015

I’ve been asked at least a couple of times this week if I once reacted to any of the foods I currently eat. Once?? Any?? Blimey, I thought I’d been really clear on that on – I once reacted to ALL foods. And I mean all. I didn’t know what I was dealing with in […]

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Gluten free zucchini pasta with creamy vegan sauce (low histamine)

0 Comments 11 May 2015

  So I made a decision to just go ahead and post recipes with my instagram shots – it just means I’ll get more recipes up here but you’ll have to deal with it while I figure out the tripod and iphone framing issues sorted! Today’s post-yoga lunch was one of my absolute favourite new […]

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Healing through positivity

Check in: yoga course, anxiety summit, hair dye!

0 Comments 06 May 2015

  It’s been a while since I checked in with myself and with all you lovely folk out there. Here’s what’s been happening: I spent the week before last shooting a number of cooking videos, an interview with a local British journalist (it was a fabulous disaster, more on that in an upcoming post), and […]

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Mental Health

The Anxiety Summit

0 Comments 05 May 2015

I suffered from severe anxiety for most of my life. From shaking like a leaf during social situations, to all out vertigo and nausea in high stress work environments, to severe palpitations while chilling on the sofa (in other words for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever). I went through it all. The low point anxiety-wise was […]

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Such a relief to find a low histamine Paleo book with antihistamine foods. Bonus! (The Paleo Anti-Cookbook) Mike


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