The asthma-histamine connection

0 Comments 13 November 2014

Just a few days ago I re-shared a post that garnered over 2,000 Facebook likes. I was totally shocked, as was mast cell/histamine researcher Dr. Theoharides, whom I spoke with right after re-posting. “I’m really surprised that people didn’t realise that eczema was related to histamine/mast cells,” he told me in response. And that got […]

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Snack time! Gluten free lentil “pita” chips (vegan)

0 Comments 10 September 2014

I’ve got snacking on the brain. Not actual in between meals snacking, but finger foods that are super quick to prepare and store easily for days when I’m eating on the run. These lentil pita chips, like all my recipes, are highly customisable. When I first made these, I literally just dumped an indeterminate amount […]

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I’m done with this condition

0 Comments 30 August 2014

Today, on the start of my 39th year on this planet, I’ve worn red lipstick, all day, for the first time in four years. This seemingly inconsequential act is the surest sign I’ve had to date that I am done with this condition. Those of you who have read my low histamine beauty book will […]

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Optimum Nutrition

Is COX induced inflammation tripping up your recovery?

0 Comments 25 August 2014

Members of the Facebook mast cell/mastocytosis groups I frequent often share studies on mast cell inhibiting medications. By this I mean medications that prevent mast cells, a key component of our immune system, from breaking open and spewing histamine and other inflammatory elements, into our unsuspecting body. As you may well know, we need mast […]

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Healing through positivity

Using the brain to heal the body

0 Comments 16 August 2014

Healing is truly a whole mind and body affair. As important as dietary changes have been, and in this case more so what I’ve added rather than eliminated, asking myself the right questions (at the right time) has been invaluable. I’m not talking about which supplement to take, or which healing protocol to follow, but […]

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Intro to the Low Histamine Diet, a recipe and muffins!

0 Comments 15 August 2014

 This week I had the pleasure of writing an introduction to the low histamine diet, click the image above to read the full post. And don’t miss this great summer recipe I created for them, click the image below…  As those of you following my Facebook page will no doubt have heard, I’m in gluten-free […]

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Research & News

Leaky gut: the mast cell (histamine), Crohn’s disease connection

0 Comments 06 August 2014

You know how people with mast cell issues have, erm, less than stellar memories? If you don’t, sign up for my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss my next post on stress, memory loss and brain fog in histamine intolerance/mast cell disorders. Well, I came across a piece of research last year that confirmed […]

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Antihistamine rich artichoke Soup

0 Comments 22 July 2014

As you may have heard, I recently released the Anti-Detox, a new book of high nutrient antihistamine and anti-inflammatory rich all liquid recipes for those days when when I was feeling my histamine bucket gearing up to splurge all over the place. This is a recipe I really wish had gone in there, but the wonderful […]

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The Anti-Detox

0 Comments 09 July 2014

I’m super duper excited to share that the Anti-Detox un-cook (e)book is available in my online store!  This is a seven day collection of highly antihistamine and anti-inflammatory juices, smoothies, or a combination of both, which I have dubbed “jui-cies”, and delicious soups I have used to mediate histamine-induced inflammation. I can’t claim they’ll do the […]

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Optimum Nutrition

The (liquid) histamine cleanse

0 Comments 05 July 2014

Today’s lunch! This book is now available for purchase here!  Busy, busy bee here in Egypt. This may look like a holiday but I’m here in Dahab (1 hr from Sharm el Sheikh) shooting my meditation course and finishing up photography on my first 100% liquid book (The Histamine Detox) here. (There’s a couple more surprises and […]

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(The Anti-Cookbook) Oh my god thank you. I can eat again now.Lucie


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