Antihistamines increase Alzheimers risk

0 Comments 17 February 2015

I’m going to keep this post brief. Not because it’s not worthy of lengthy discussion and debate, but because I feel that there’s a good amount of information on this blog and in my books about the dangers of antihistamines. You’ll find more on that in my post on Benadryl. New research has come to […]

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Healthy hair healthy body 101

0 Comments 10 February 2015

For those of you who’ve missed it, I’m now writing regular features for the wonderful New York based Beauty & Wellbeing online magazine. Editor Clemence Von Mueffling’s magazine brings together up and coming natural beauty brands, established writers and nutritionists, and much more. My latest feature, Healthy Hair 101, covers some of my favourite hair […]

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Excess histamine mimics anorexia

0 Comments 07 February 2015

In the past I have alluded to my anorexic-like phase, when I was only “able” to eat four or five foods. My weight plummeted to 52kg or so, on a 1.78m frame (114.5lbs, 5ft 10). Honestly, it wasn’t my first brush with the A word. When I was 14, a photo in our biology textbook […]

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Histamine intolerance in First for Women Magazine

0 Comments 05 February 2015

So, I guess this is the moment histamine intolerance went mainstream! First for Women magazine recently interviewed me for a feature on curing tiredness – you can check it out in their March 2nd issue, available in the US at all major supermarkets and Walmarts. Yes friends, this is going out to a heck of a […]

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Guest Post

The menopause-histamine connection

1 Comment 27 January 2015

Guest post by Dale Brooks of the wonderful Menopause Histamine Connection blog. Before I get started, I’d like to thank Yasmina for the opportunity to write this for her blog. I’ve told her that when I refer to her to my best friend, I call her the Queen of Histamine. I’m sure I’m not the […]

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Merry Christmas!

0 Comments 24 December 2014

Hi all – I’ve been desperate to share my Christmas books with you but have been having major issues with my online store. A new one will be up in the new year finally. But better late than never… As with all my books, these, though super tasty, are stuffed full with antihistamine and anti-inflammatory […]

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The histamine-endometriosis infertility link

0 Comments 11 December 2014

I’ve been avoiding writing about this for some time. Not because I’m worried about never having children, but because I don’t want to alarm anyone. And that’s still not my intention – please, take this post with a heaping spoon of salt. If you are suffering from unexplained infertility, or repeated miscarriage, you may want […]

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Love in a time of sickness

0 Comments 04 December 2014

It’s a question that came up when I first started dating, post diagnosis. What do I tell this new person in my life? How significant is what I’m going through? Will it define me and this potential relationship? Will he be grossed out and turned off by potentially having to shoulder this burden with me? […]

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Black Friday giveaway! Free 50 page ebook

0 Comments 28 November 2014

  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m really new to this whole Black Friday thing, but I thought I’d give it a go… From now till midnight on Monday (EST) you’ll receive a free 50 page ebook of my favourite holiday recipes with the purchase of any of my cookbooks. Visit my store […]

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The asthma-histamine connection

0 Comments 13 November 2014

Just a few days ago I re-shared a post that garnered over 2,000 Facebook likes. I was totally shocked, as was mast cell/histamine researcher Dr. Theoharides, whom I spoke with right after re-posting. “I’m really surprised that people didn’t realise that eczema was related to histamine/mast cells,” he told me in response. And that got […]

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I had no idea there were so many beneficial foods I was completely ignoring! (The Anti-Cookbook) Jane


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