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75% RDA iron from a fish?

0 Comments 08 October 2015

I recently posted a photo of a cast iron pan on Instagram, sharing that it’s one of the ways I boost my meagre iron supply; something I learned from Dr. Fuhrman, author of my nutritional bible, “Eat to Live.”. According to an emerging body of research iron accumulation may contribute to diabetes, ageing, strokes, Alzheimer’s and […]

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Managing exercise induced stress

0 Comments 06 October 2015

Exercise is often problematic for those with histamine intolerance, mast cell activation or mastocytosis, mostly because cardiovascular exercise has been shown to: Drive up histamine levels and aggravate allergies in animal studies Stress of any kind can cause mast cells to dump unnecessary inflammation into the body Exercise can damage muscles, prompting inflammation release to […]

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Gluten free vegan pakoras

0 Comments 03 October 2015

When I sit down to create a recipe for folks with histamine intolerance or mast cell activation I ask myself what I can do to make it something that can be enjoyed by an entire family. Because really, is it fair to restrict the diet/enjoyment of others in our household? It’s certainly not fair on […]

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Gluten and dairy free tigernut flour pancakes

0 Comments 20 September 2015

You may think – “Well, I’m cutting histamine out of the diet, I really can’t get rid of anything else!”. So, you might not have to, many of us don’t have to, but we chose to, simply because wheat is inflammatory, specifically triggering inflammatory pathways related to mast cells [1]. In my view there is […]

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Reacting to everything? This could be why

0 Comments 08 September 2015

  It’s a question asked by pretty much everyone who schedules a consult with me: why a gradual or suddenly increasing reactions to not just histamine, but foods on pretty much all the lists (salicylates, oxalates, fructose etc). So what’s the deal? Does going on a strict low histamine diet make you more sensitive to other foods? […]

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Going egg free for histamine intolerance and heart health

0 Comments 23 August 2015

Eggs are a valuable source of protein, vitamin B12, iodine and riboflavin. Most importantly, for those taking certain anti-histamines and anti-cholinergics who are worried about their potential link to Alzheimer’s, they provide a good amount of choline. On the flip side however, there’s been a definite rebound from the insistence that eggs do not affect hearth health. […]

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Interview: Fasting Mimicking Diets for Mast Cell Activation & Allergies

0 Comments 15 August 2015

UPDATE: The USC Longevity Institute have kindly agreed to send me a fasting mimicking pack to test so that I can share my experience with you. I’m just waiting on medical approval and then will jump right in.  Water fasting’s health benefits have always interested me. Recent research showing that fasting can prevent mast cell degranulation […]

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Brain fog – the histamine connection and beyond

0 Comments 07 August 2015

One of the most terrifying symptoms of histamine/mast cell disorders has to be the dreaded brain fog. In my case this manifested at an early age with an inability to understand or remember what was being said in classrooms. I relied heavily on my notes, when I wasn’t too exhausted or disinterested to write them […]

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Red cabbage rolls w/creamy veggies

0 Comments 02 August 2015

I’m moving away from animal protein for a while, something I try to do regularly. I’m not going to argue for either side here, it’s just a choice I make now and then. In all honesty, if I could take more supplements, and had a good amount of time on my hands to really experiment […]

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The vagus nerve inflammation connection

0 Comments 25 July 2015

What’s the vagus nerve and why should you care about it? Research on the vagus nerve, which runs from the brain to the stomach, has been coming fast and furious in the last few years since I’ve been reading up on it. The nerve, hereafter referred to as the VG “interfaces” (I quote wikipedia here) […]

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