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The Histamine Detox: tasty antihistamine hot beverages.

0 Comments 15 November 2012

As you can see from my picture here, the histamine detox is going great! Ok, busted, that’s not me in the picture! My skin is currently up to its old tricks, so I’m sporting an acne-like rash, ruddy, broken veins and bags under my eyes. No matter, I’ll get there soon- and here are the tasty winter low histamine and natural antihistamine beverages I’m quaffing on my histamine detox.

My natural antihistamine winter beverages…

Green tea

I was told I could drink up to two green teas daily, because they would help lower my histamine level. Thing is, too much caffeine can aggravate symptoms, as can pretty much any dried herb. So I just dunk the bag a couple of times and then toss it.

The bioactive compound epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a major component of green tea, has been shown to target histamine-producing cells producing great alterations in their behavior, with relevant effects on their proliferative potential, as well as their adhesion, migration, and invasion potentials. In fact, EGCG has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, and anti-angiogenic effects and to be a potent inhibitor of the histamine-producing enzyme, histidine decarboxylase. Read the full study here.

Guava leaf tea

I’m really loving this stuff. Not for the taste really, but because guava leaf tea has been proven to inhibit mast cell degranulation (histamine release) in rats. I seem to tolerate it much better than the fruit itself. Read the full study here.

Holy Basil tea

I’m not a big fan of aniseed/licorice. But this tea rocks my world! As I mentioned in my post “Holy basil! Anti-inflammatory and antihistamine superstar” – holy basil is as effective as Zantac/Rantidine at treating gastrointestinal upset. You can also find green tea/holy basil blends.

Olive Leaf tea

Yet another traditional ayurvedic treatment. Olive leaf tea has been shown to exhibit “significant mast stabilizing activity”.

“According to Ayurveda, Olea europea is used in treatment of leprosy, dysentery, vaginal and uterine complaints, inflammation,burning sensation, fatigue, asthma, leucoderma etc. In the present study the histamine induced dose dependent contraction of goat tracheal chain and guinea pig ileum preparation was significantly inhibited (p< 0.01) by the aqueous extract of leaves of Olea europea (800 ug/ml and 100 ug/ml). Olea europea at the doses of 100and 200 mg/kg,i.p.,exhibited significant (p< 0.01) mast cell stabilizing activity against clonidine induced peritoneal mast cell degranulation in rats. Thus the present study revealed that the extract of olives of Olea europea has significant antihistaminic (H1 receptor antagonist) activity.” Read the full study here.

That’s all for now folks. Don’t forget to check out part 1 of the Histamine Detox and the low histamine cookbooks for plenty more anti-inflammatory recipes, desserts and more! I’m also working on a low histamine Thanksgiving Menu that I’ll be sending out exclusively to my mailing list.


Within two days of changing my diet…I was out of bed with more energy than I had had in months (without the use of steroids). My chronic flushing was dramatically reduced and my itching disappeared. I am so thankful that I read your inspiring e-book (The Anti-Cookbook).VS


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