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Ayurvedic remedy helps fight flab, fix your thyroid and lower histamine levels!

No Comments 26 November 2012

I’m taking a number of steps to help my body recover from any inadvertent histamine hiccups (ahem, cupcake incidents) I may subject it to. One of them is the food-coaching course I’m taking with my nutritional hero Dr. Fuhrman, and an intensive immersion into herbalism, which I’m sure to expand upon in coming years. I’m currently devouring the modern herbalism bible I’ve seen the Whole Foods naturopathic gurus toting when in deep consult with customers. I naturally started in the immune system chapter where I came across yet another ayurvedic miracle herb.

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Is your anti-histamine making you fat?

5 Comments 25 October 2012

In last week’s post “Histamine’s upside: I lost 35kgs in 6 months” I mentioned the role of histamine in appetite suppression. I recently had a  conversation with a friend whose family member suffers from anorexia nervosa. I felt compelled to share that in my teens I too was thought to be anorexic. Food was hurting me so badly that I was starving myself to make it stop. It was more than just a physical reaction, because as we know, histamine is a neurotransmitter and as such affects mood. Food made me crazy, depressed, anxious and manic but I had no clue what was causing it all, despite my raging allergy symptoms.I’ve spent the last few days doing some more research into what’s behind my suddenly stable weight these last two years:H1 receptor antagonists like loratidine (claritin) and cetirizine (zyrtec) make you fat. It’s just a fact. It’s in the medical inserts of both and my own personal hellish experience on them confirms it. Continue Reading

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Histamine’s upside: I lost 35kg (77lbs) in 6 months!

1 Comment 21 October 2012

My incredible 35kg (77lb) weight loss over the first 6 months of my low histamine diet resolved a decade long crisis over my sudden weight gain. Having been skinny for most of my life, albeit with a horribly bloated tummy, I freaked out when I suddenly ballooned into the michelin man. It’s known that histamine regulates appetite: Continue Reading



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